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From time to time we have animals for sale

As well as our beef herd we are extremely passionate about breeding breed standard cattle that perform well in the show ring and produce good beefy Dexters. We believe it is important to keep the Dexter bloodlines pure and keep the true characteristics of the breed alive. 

We are proud to have cattle and their off spring amongst our herd whose bloodlines originate from the Bellevue Zoo herd, Belfast. 

We are particularly aware of the need to keep the gene pool as wide as possible. Our previous stock bulls have been from Scotland England. 

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Ballyboley Izzy
Cookie and Ballyboley Elsie
Winter feeding overlooking Strangford Lough
Ballyboley Halfpenny grazing around the edges of a freshly cut silage field on the shore
Cook up for the boys working hard
Cookie and her 2020 calf Ballyboley Kurt
Ballyboley Elsie
Ballyboley Henrietta and her Twin Dexter calves
Young stock enjoying the evening sun
Ballyboley Elsie
Ballyboley Juniper grazing in a meadow field overlooking Strangford Lough
Winter feeding along the feeding gate
Ballyboley Halfpenny
Daisy and her 2020 calf Ballyboley Klarabelle
Ballyboley Izzy
Ballyboley Bullocks overlooking the sea from National Trust Grazing at Groomsport
Yearlings grazing
Nosey Dexers
Dexters sheltering in the rushes
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